Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer career counseling, career coaching, interview coaching, resume distribution services, or life coaching?

It’s been tempting for us to expand our offerings, but we decided to focus on what we do best: write best-in-class career marketing documents. If you need services we don’t provide, feel free to ask us for referrals to specialists.

Do you guarantee that I will get interviews or job offers?

First of all, if you use your new resume and LinkedIn profile as part of a strategic, multi-media, multi-channel job search campaign, we are very confident you'll get interviews and job offers. But we can’t control how you use the documents we create, so we don't guarantee anything.

What's your writing style?

Great resumes tell clear, compelling stories that announce a strong match between the job seeker and the job target. So, we are tellers of success stories. But in the last several years, the standards for presenting resume information have changed significantly. Today’s documents are leaner, cleaner, and more telegraphic. Also, they are more tightly integrated with LinkedIn profiles and innovative cover e-notes. We have taken cues from these trends to tell our clients' stories in a get-to-the-point fashion tailored for readers with short attention spans.

Can I see samples of your work?

Absolutely, just check out our samples page for highlights of our work.

What are ATS systems and why should I care?

These days, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by virtually every Fortune 500 company to manage their recruitment process, and they're sometimes used by smaller businesses. As you may have heard, in some cases including the wrong keywords for a search term can eliminate qualified candidates. Formatting matters, too. If your document does not adhere to ATS-compliant practices concerning dates, locations, tables, columns, symbols, accent marks, borders, lines, headers, footers, bullets, section headings, etc., your resume could be toast.

Can you update my résumé? I just need a few tweaks.

We do if you are an existing client (ask for our current rate). However, we don't tweak old documents for new clients.

Can I give a resume or career package as a gift?

Non-refundable gift certificates are available for use within one year of sale. In our experience, new college graduates and early career professionals especially appreciate this gift because it sets up their future career on a strong foundation of professionally written documents.

How long have you been in business?

In 2004, Joe opened an office in Fremont and began writing résumés as the Writing Wolf. Later, he offered editorial services including résumé writing for about decade in Capitol Hill as Writing Wolf LLC. After taking a break for three years, in 2022 he moved to Roosevelt and re-opened as Writing Wolf. When Joe isn't résumés actively, he works as a technical writer.

Do you outsource the work?

Generally, all our projects are written by Joe Perez, our Principal and Chief Resume Writer. However, in times when there is greater demand than he can fulfill alone, he will present you with the option of (A) taking a seat on a waiting list for his next opening, or (B) immediately working with an associate. If you choose to work with an associate, Joe or the associate will interview you, and then Joe will perform quality assurance editing on your resume before it's presented to you.

How do you accept payment?

Our preferred method is cash, check, electronic check, or Zelle. You may also pay with a credit card by using PayPal. Be aware that writing does not begin until payment of a deposit of at least 50% is received, so mailed checks could cause delays.

Why are there such large differences in what resume writers charge?

Résumé writers bring a wide array of experience levels, and some firms even offshore the writing to workers in developing countries. As well, many resume writers in the U.S. are contract workers who are underpaid, never interview with clients, and have no relevant business experience. Not every typist with a template and a thesaurus can do this work well.

If you hire one of these firms, you are taking a crap shoot. A much safer bet is to work with a well-qualified, certified professional who knows what they're doing. We aren't the cheapest firm, but we're also not the most expensive. If you look around, you'll find our fees are competitive with writers who have similar qualifications.

I work in Industry X. Have you written many resumes for people in my industry?

Probably. We’ve written for managers and executives at multiple levels in a variety of industries. Heck, we've even written resumes for Olympic athletes, renowned visual artists, talk-radio hosts, cannabis growers (it’s legal in Washington State), and Alaskan sled-dog tour guides. If we haven’t written for your job title yet, please don’t disqualify us. We can research and learn the lingo of your industry quickly to deliver you a great document.

Can I meet with you in person?

Yes, if you live in or visit Seattle you are welcome to meet us at our co-working space in the Roosevelt neighborhood. We meet all other clients via phone or Zoom.

How do you get information from me?

Our process begins with a career questionnaire which contains the following sections: career goals, personal branding, additional questions, and work history. You will also send us your old resume and other documents. You must fill out the questionnaire before our interview; however, you don't need to repeat information that's already up-to-date in your old resume. Finally, there's the in-person, telephone, or Zoom interview, where we mainly talk about your career achievement highlights.

How successful have your clients been in using the resumes?

Wonderfully successful, if anecdotes, testimonials, repeat business, and referrals are any measure. You can take a look at our endorsements to hear from a few of them directly.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

In the US, a résumé is a summary of your work history and qualifications (usually 2 pages). It is fundamentally a marketing document for a specific position. On the other hand, a curriculum vitae (CV) is a comprehensive history of an academic's scholarly credentials and there is no limit to its length. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, especially in Europe.