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Located in Seattle, we offer in-person or virtual interviews for résumé development and career branding assessment sessions. We bring knowledge useful for winning jobs at Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Google, and more.

Even the best-written résumé fails if it doesn't expertly frame your background for employers and help you to achieve your current goals. We can help you to fix "red flags", navigate career changes, or re-enter the job market.

Your professional marketing documents help you to communicate your identity in a memorable way. Our specialty is creating a suite of original documents tailored for your unique strengths, goals, and visions for the future.

Great résumés and profiles employ clear and concise information in a logical structure that draws in your readers and keeps them focused on the story of your career. Flawless spelling, diction and grammar are always the goals.

Every profession from accountant to zookeeper has its own jargon and ideas unfamiliar to those outside the business. Be sure to work with an astute resume writer who will take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your trade.

We ensure that your documents adhere to the highest standards because we’ve earned the Certified Resume Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) credentials.

Seattle Résumé Service

Writing Wolf has extensive experience in creating top-notch résumés for most industries: Sales, Marketing, I.T./Technology, Engineering, Finance, Operations, Healthcare, Human Resources, Military, Government, and Nonprofit. If you work in a technical profession, you'll benefit from working with someone who knows the concepts and terminology of your profession, and we think you'll enjoy working with a writer who has a passion for helping people like you to realize their dreams.

Your resume is the most important piece of paper that you'll ever hold in your hands. It's the key to your future, and I promise I'll give you my very best work, every time. Joe Perez

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Note: Prices shown are estimates based on our estimate of a typical project's complexity. If your project is different, ask for a custom quote to get an exact amount for you.


Senior-Level Résumé (15+ Years' Experience)

Add Cover Letter: $75
Add a LinkedIn Profile: $150
Resume + Cover + LinkedIn: $750

Mid-Level Résumé (7 to 15 Years' Experience)

Add Cover Letter: $75
Add a LinkedIn Profile: $150
Resume + Cover + LinkedIn: $650

Early Career Résumé (2 to 7 Years' Experience)

Add Cover Letter: $75
Add a LinkedIn Profile: $150
Resume + Cover + LinkedIn: $550

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